Trust Your Project With Me

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will keep those beautiful plants in the containers always looking their best?

With over ten years of experience working at plant nurseries and with varying plants, I will keep your plants thriving. As the owner of Beyond the Flower Pot, LLC, and a nurturing Plant Mom, place your trust in me and let me care for your plants so that you relish in your plant's majestic, calming beauty.


What is involved with indoor care?

I  can weekly  maintain plants  by watering them,  feeding them, and providing particularized care to plants based on the season, the specific plant, and other environmental factors. I can help you find a suitable plant for your indoor space based on your specific requests, like appearance, level of upkeep, etc.


Have you ever thought outside of the normal floral design?

I  think  beyond  the  flower pot. I pride myself on cultivating something  unique for each flower pot . I can do a whimsical, dramatic, or traditional creation to fit your aesthetic. A pot next to a front door can showcase your personality to guests.


Autumn has arrived. What should I do with my garden?

If  you  want  healthy  plants  after  the  New  Year,  you  must  prepare  your  garrden  for  the  winter.  Plant  maintenance  in  the  winter  involves  dividing  plants,  planting  bulbs,  and  even  watering  plants,  if  there  has  been  no  moisture  or  rain  and  the  ground  isn’t  frozen.


Why do my indoor plants have brown tips?

Your  plant  may  have  brown  tips  because  plant  likely  lacks  moisture,  and, thus,  is  stressed. During  winter  months,  when  people  people  need  the  heat  cranked  up  to  be  comfortable,  plants  suffer  from  a  lack  of  humidity in  the  air. Humidity  is  important  for a plant’s  health.


     Run a  humidifier 

      once  a  week.


     Mist  the  plants’  

     leaves  with  a  spray  bottle.  


     Place  a  small  dish  

     of  pebbles  with  water  alongside  them.  


Can a plant survive in my windowless powder room?

All  plants  need  natural  light. Without light, plants will only live a  short  time. If  a  plant  is  not  getting  enough  light,  it  will  likely  only  have  sparse  foliage. Plants  receive  nutrients  from  the  sun  through  photosynthesis; light  is  a  life  source  for  plants. Through  photosynthesis, plants  provide  food  to  their  leaves.  You  should  not  put  plants  in  a  windowless room  as  it  will  cause  the  plant  to  starve  to  death.